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The integrated health concept at the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence includes nutrition. The restaurant concept is part of a healthy cuisine that is fun and tastes good.


Your health takes centre stage at the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence.

“Your own healthy eating” also pledges a nutritional philosophy that is completely matched to your individual needs. Allow our staff to explain the Bürgenstock Colour Cuisine concept to you. We take you on an extraordinary culinary journey through the diverse world of food.

The “Bürgenstock Colour Cuisine” was developed exclusively for our guests by a doctor, a nutritional scientist and our own dietitian. The new concept is truly impressive thanks to its uniqueness. No two bodies or metabolisms are the same – our nutrition concept is equally unique.

After a comprehensive explanation, which provides information about your personal metabolism, metabolic rate and your current nutritional status, the dietitian creates a personal nutrition programme for you. This is based on basic foods, but it also considers other very important and often forgotten components. Pleasure is central and cannot be omitted no matter what.

Go on a journey of discovery and embark on a new, healthy culinary experience.






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