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Mobility and activity are decisive for your quality of life


Rely on our modern infrastructure, specialised professionals and the power of nature.

A programme specifically tailored to your needs and wishes will assist you in regaining and maintaining your desired mobility and performance levels.

We will help you to identify your potential for mobility, muscle strength and fitness, and assist you also in achieving the necessary rest and balance.

Mobility & activity

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Mobility Pro
Stay mobile and flexible – this is the key to lasting well-being. Ageing joints and muscles require appropriate finely-tuned and personalized trainings.   Our specialists work hand in hand while you set your own targets.

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Activity Pro
Sports activities enrich your everyday life. Our experts carry out tests and advise you on how to improve your personal performance.

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Nutrition Pro
Balanced, healthy nutrition is a significant factor in ensuring you continue to lead a long and healthy life, full of vitality.   Enrich and complement your nutrition with a personal MicroCare mixture.    Because you and your needs are unique.

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