The holistic way for your mental balance

Mental well-being is an essential component of your quality of life


Harmonise your body, mind and soul

Harness the power of Bürgenstock Resort and let it inspire you.

We will help you find the right balance.


The world we live in offers us endless opportunities to distract us from our sense of self.

We offer you the unique opportunity to rediscover precisely this mindfulness for yourself in your own way.

Body & Mind Balance

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Mindfulness Pro
Holistic health is only achievable if you have a happy and impartial relationship with yourself. The first step in this direction is through mental relaxation. It is also important to know that mental well-being and physical health are closely linked with one another. That is why Body & Mind Balance is a byword for comprehensive stress analysis, diagnostic procedures and therapy to remove mental blocks, while providing strategies to overcome the stressful aspects of life.

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Retreat Pro
Disengage and reward yourself with time out from the mundane. Up here in  Bürgenstock resort you will find a very special energy, which will help to invigorate you. Away from the day-to-day routine, above the mist – whatever you are seeking – we will guide you to find your peace and strength. Pure energy for your state of mind, your mood and your happiness.

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